General questions is a simple service for developers to help debug API calls and web hooks.

When your code POSTs to someone else's code (using their web API, or if you're acting as a web hook) it can be hard to iterate, debug and validate your code without the burden of mocking your POSTs or temporarily servicing your own POST requests.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to instantly see exactly what your code POSTed at any time in as easy, clear browser interface? Now you can with After POSTing your JSON, XML, or form fields, point your web browser at the same URL and you’ll see a clear history and details of all the POST requests you made. Neat, huh?

Another great use for is when you're using someone else's web hook for the first time. Point it at first so you can see exactly what will be POSTed, then you can write your own code to process the request.

I'm glad you asked. It sounds like you want to buy us a gift. was created by Snooty Monkey. In particular, Sean Johnson and Eric Musgrove did the development work.

Usage questions

Simply decide if you want to use HTTP or HTTPs, then come up with a string that makes sense for the POST you’re attempting, append it to, and POST away.

You can POST, PUT or PATCH any kind of data up to 1 megabyte in length, but is optimized for textual content, and will even do fancy syntax highlighting when you send JSON, XML or form encoded data.

Yes. Just add ?status=xxx to the end of your request. For example: ?status=401

What do we look like? Amateurs? We got this puppy all CORS'd up. You can POST/PUT/PATCH to your heart's content from JavaScript in the browser.

The URL name space of is reserved for the website. You also can't use Any other URL should be fair game... POST away!.

Your requests are available for up to 24 hours. In case we are super busy and run out of storage space, we might remove your older requests earlier than that.

Up to your last 100 requests per unique URL. Past that we start to recycle the bits of the older ones.

I don't know. Maybe it should. If you need more features then you should fork the repo on GitHub and add in a bread buttering feature. Use it on your own private instance and enjoy, or send us a pull request and we promise to look at it.

If you're not quite up to building the tuck me into bed feature yourself, you can request it with the Feedback widget at the bottom of the page. If it's a brilliant feature idea, we just might build it for you.

Security questions

Yes they can, if you share the URL with them or they guess it. intentionally uses security by obscurity to keep things super simple. Don't POST any sensitive data to

We made as an open source project so you can grab the code and verify we don’t do anything nefarious, or get a copy and host it yourself internally. We don't mind, we promise.

No! It's ours forever!

Not really. Just click the delete link on the result page in your browser, or make a DELETE request to the URL.

API questions

Of course you can. Just change your POST, PUT or PATCH to a GET and request the same URL. Also make sure you include an Accept header of application/json or you'll get an HTML response. With the right Accept header you'll get back a JSON array of all your requests, the contents of which should be self-explanatory.

Sure. Just change your POST, PUT or PATCH to a DELETE and request the same URL.

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